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S1E35: Talking Chalk Art with Raleigh Artist Taylor Harrington

June 13, 2022 Allison Coutts Season 1 Episode 35
The Fun with Friends Podcast
S1E35: Talking Chalk Art with Raleigh Artist Taylor Harrington
Show Notes

Raleigh, NC chalk artist Taylor Harrington joins Allie on today's episode to discuss her journey from doodling chalk art at a local bar to completing 20 ft by 20 ft chalk murals and being able to quit working her 9-5 to do art full-time.

Meet the Guest!
Taylor is a Raleigh-based artist specializing in chalk and pen & ink. She began taking commissions in 2018 and made the leap to become a full-time artist in 2021. 

Taylor began her art career creating chalk pieces for couples on their wedding day after a local wedding planner saw her art at a brewery and asked her to help a couple create a piece for their wedding. Taylor grew this service in 2018 and 2019, working with couples to design and create large murals, welcome signs, and seating charts. She strives to work with couples to match their vision in both design and the lettering of their pieces. From there, she started expanding her local connections and recognition, leading to her chalk work with businesses and events that continues to expand to this day. 

Her chalk career flourished when Taylor joined the Raleigh Night Market in 2019 and brought live street chalk to the markets. She later became the Art Coordinator of Raleigh Night Market in 2021, bringing attractions such as live art and music to multiple events a month. 

As the market season wound down near the end of 2021, she began expanding her art career by taking commissions to draw house portraits. This is a skill stemming from when she was younger when she used to draw her own house from memory in her school notes. After her house portraits became a hit during the Christmas season of 2021, she started a series of drawings centered around iconic local landmarks in Raleigh. 

Expect to see additional chalk work at events, businesses, and weddings throughout 2022, and be on the lookout for her coming series of prints of local landmarks.

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